How to get some return on obsolete, unsecure, and costly systems back?

Craft connections of existing Silos!

Nowadays, running any business includes intensive usage of information systems; for example ERP, CRM, security system, fire alarm system, e-shop, probably also a separate economic system, CCTV system, various legendary and proprietary systems etc. Although there is a lot of information in these systems that reflect the real-time state of the enterprise; it is not possible to get true idea of how the business stands not only from the economic point of view but also from the view of how agreements are observed, such as SLAs, internal standards, processes, occupational safety, environmental care, access to customers and employees, etc. This is due to the fact that systems are not interconnected.


KEYSYSTEM Business Continuity is able to merge the inputs of many information systems and provide a clear picture of the business condition in real time. In addition, the responsible people will be informed in real-time about selected incidents that have a negative business impact. In case that incidents happen simultaneously, it can determine which incident has higer negative business impact and inform stakeholders to focus their full attention on the most crucial tasks.

KEYSYSTEM Business Continuity will not shower you with the large amount of data that it actually measured with sensors, but will offer you a consise picture describing the state of the business, of course, also with the click-through function to the detailed underlying data. This is how KEYSYSTEM Business Continuity provides a real-time business management cockpit.

KEYSYSTEM Business Continuity reveals incidents that you may not even notice in real-time, but that may have a significant impact on the business. The fact, that each of them separately may have not been visible to you does not mean that they are unimportant on global scale just because there may be too many of them.

Besides the above mentioned, KEYSYSTEM Business Continuity provides long-term storage of data collected in real time. This data backup can be used leter for variety of purposes for example, Keysystem Business Continuity can replay historical data inputs using newly designed processes.

Keysystem Business Continuity

  • reduces the risks and prevents incidents - human error, inefficient processes or internal guidelines, violation of procedures
  • can be linked to security and access control system, fire alarm and camera system - theft detection, masked or turn aside cameras, abuse of technical resources
  • reduces operational uncertainty - prevents loss of control
  • saves costs - energy, efficient use of resources by people, better time response
  • helps to optimize processes
  • verifies the business performance with SLA and other legal contracts
  • supports business continuity

In order to meet all these expectations KEYSYSTEM Business Continuity must be properly configured. Configuration is set up in the implementation phase, in which KEYSYSTEM Business Continuity experts use business modelling and process modelling tools.